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Map Location

TypeSolid block

Receive coordinates from a Land Mark by right-clicking with a Map Location on it

The Map Location is an item added by BuildCraft. It is used to receive and save the coordinates of a point location as well as a 2- or 3-dimensional frame, which is needed to assign the Robots a specific station or working area.

To save a point location, for example a Docking Station for a robot, the player must simply right-click with the Map Location in his hand on the station. The Map Location show thereafter a dot on the item texture.

2- or 3-dimensional frames can be created by following two methods in BuildCraft:

  1. To create 2- or 3-dimensional frames the Land Marks can be used. The player must place three (for a 2-dimensional frame), or four (for a 3-dimensional frame), Land Marks in a 90° angle and a maximum of 64 blocks to each other. Then the player can right-click on one of the Land Marks to actived them and to display the red borders of the frame. If no frame is displayed, then the Land Marks don't stand in a perfect 90° angle or are too far apart. To receive the coordinates of the frame, the player must right-click with the Map Location in his hand on one of the Land Marks.
  2. To assign a 2-dimensional frame in the world and save it on the Map Location, the player can use the Zone Planner. This machine allow the player to assign areas in a GUI, without any Land Mark, and their necessary attention to a 90 degree angle, or any limitation in area size. For detailed information show the article of the Zone Planner.

The Map Location show thereafter a rectangle (for a frame) on the item texture. Used Map Locations can also be overwritten.