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Mantle of Stars

ModAstral Sorcery
Armor rating7 (Armor.svgArmor.svgArmor.svgHalf Armor.svg)
Armor toughness2
Technical details
Registry nameastralsorcery:itemcape

The Mantle of Stars is an armor added by Astral Sorcery. In addition to serving as an armor piece slightly worse than a Diamond Chestplate, but with far better enchantability, it can be attuned to one of the constellations to provide additional effects.


Starlight: 94%

Mantle of Stars effects

Constellation Effect
Aevitas The Mantle will regenerate the player's hunger bar and health while it is worn.
Armara This constellation will completely block an attack inflicted upon the player. By default the Mantle can block 3 attacks and recharge one stack every 80 ticks (or 4 seconds). This can be changed in the mod's config file.
Bootes When attacked, there is a chance of a Flare being spawned near the player and assisting them in combat.
Discidia When damaged while wearing the Mantle, the player stores damage taken and releases it when landing a hit on an entity.
Evorsio This constellation will cause the player to break blocks faster and deals significant damage to nearby hostile mobs when one is slain.
Fornax When worn, the Mantle converts fire damage into healing. It will also melt or burn the block the player is standing on.
Horologium Being attacked causes nearby entities to freeze momentarily. There is a cooldown period before it can freeze entities again. Fire damage will not bring about this effect.
Lucerna Hostile mobs will emit light particles revealing their locations.
Mineralis When holding a block in hand, the player is able to see outlines of the identical block in the world.
Octans The Mantle provides the player with infinite Water Breathing.
Pelotrio When worn the Mantle creates the appropriate tool to break the block or attack a mob in front of the player.
Vicio When worn, the Mantle allows the wearer to glide as if using an Elytra.

Astral Tome entry

Mundane armor like leather and iron certainly serve their purpose, however, they are neither particularly beautiful nor very functional. Infusing a normal leather chest with the energetic properties of the Resonating Gem, and the transmissive aspect of Stardust, allow for a more elegant and suitable piece of armor, rather than the crude attire of a brute.
Astral Tome