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Manaweaving is a mechanic added byMana and Artifice. It allows players to draw "Manaweave Patterns" into the air using Wands. It is primarily used for crafting at the Manaweaving Altar and finishing Rituals. To draw a Manaweaving Pattern, hold down the right mouse button while wielding the Wand. The pattern can be seen as a white sparkle trail. Release the right mouse button after drawing the pattern; if it is successfully drawn, a purple dotted outline will appear in the air where it was drawn. The patterns can be a bit particular so it may take more than one attempt to draw the pattern. Most Rituals require manaweave patterns to finish them and will display the Manaweave Patterns that need to be completed as a purple dotted outline. Most rituals require more than one pattern and will only display one at a time.

The Manaweaving Altar requires Manaweaving Patterns to finish crafting. Unlike Rituals, the Manaweaving Altar does not display what pattern is needed. The Manaweaving Altar can require up to 6 patterns, and they must be drawn in the correct order. Required patterns can be found in the Codex Arcana in the respective recipes. Patterns can be combined by drawing multiple different patterns. Combined patterns can be used to summon a Grimoire.

Codex Arcana entry

What is Manaweaving Manaweaving is the process of infusing your own magic into your creations. Spells, rituals, runes, and more can make use of it. To do it, first craft a Manaweaver's Wand. Next, hold the wand in your hand and begin using it (hold the right mouse button). Then, draw the shape in the air. Stop using the wand when you're done. The concentration required will consume your mana quickly. Do not let this rush you, however, lest you make mistakes: an incorrect pattern will do nothing. Some mages have claimed to have heard chimes while using the manaweaver wand. While not confirmed, such an occurrence would be an indication that the wand is working. There are also those that are either unable or unwilling to draw the shapes in the air. To that end, the manaweave projector was developed. Simply place it on the ground and it will draw in your mana (or that of others nearby) to power itself. When activated, it will project the pattern it is set to after a few seconds.

Manaweaving Patterns

As of update there are 13 Manaweave Patterns:

Tier 1

  • Orbeus (Circle)
  • Quadratum (Square)
  • Triangulus (Equilateral triangle)

Tier 2

  • Adamas (Diamond)
  • Adnecto
  • Auctoro
  • Capistro
  • Relligo
  • Inverso Triangulo (Upside-down equilateral triangle)

Tier 3

  • Propterea Anguli (Equilateral triangle with a line from top to bottom)

Tier 4

  • Divisus Propterea Anguli (Upside-down equilateral triangle with a line from top to bottom)
  • Horarium (Hourglass)

Tier 5

  • Aeternum (Infinity symbol with straight lines)