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Mana and Artifice
Modicon Mana and Artifice.png
Current developersMithion
Supported Minecraft versions1.16.2-1.16.5

Mana and Artifice is a mod created by Mithion and the official spiritual successor to Ars Magica 2. The mod is focused around the creation of customizable spells, performing of complex rituals, and forging of magical equipment.


Rituals are a way to establish more powerful effects at the cost of requiring a lot of setup and preparation. For example, one can create portals that allow travel over long distances, control time and the weather, travel to or summon other players, or make powerful alliances.


Mana and Artifice allows players to select their own enchantments by using an arcane forging system.


The Manaweaving mechanic allows players to use a special wand to perform actions like summoning a grimoire or add magic into rituals. It can be substituted with a block that can draw the patterns instead.


The mod uses a faction system that allows players to ally themselves with wizards, fey, or demons. Each faction has powerful benefits and drawbacks.


The Occulus is in-game documentation that is acquired early in the mod. It tells players what is needed to progress and what can be crafted at their progression level. Progress advances by tiers.

Arcane Codex

The Codex Arcana is in-game documentation that synchronizes with the player's current tier to show more information about what they can craft or perform.

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