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Mana Spreader

TypeSolid block
StackableYes (64)
Next tier

The Mana Spreader is used to transport Mana in Botania.


The Mystical Petal used does not change the appearance of the Mana Spreader produced. If the mod Garden of Glass is installed, the recipe uses a Livingwood instead of an item in the ingotGold OreDictionary tag.


The direction of the Mana bursts can be manipulated by shift-right clicking on it with the Wand of the Forest. There is an alternative method of orientating the Mana Spreader, and that is to bind it to another block. To do so, shift right-click on the Mana Spreader then shift right-click on another block to automatically orient the Mana Spreader to direct its Mana bursts to that block. Mana Spreaders fire Mana in discrete bursts rather than in a continuous stream.

While holding the Wand of the Forest, the player will see the Mana Spreader emit small pulses in the direction it is oriented. These show how far Mana bursts will travel before some of the Mana is lost. The Mana Spreader's bursts, like the Pulse Mana Spreader's, can only travel a distance of 12 blocks before beginning to suffer some Mana loss. Mana bursts can be seen regardless of whether or not the player is holding the Wand of the Forest.

The actual burst of Mana are different from the pointing laser. Once the spreader is aimed at an item that can accept Mana, it will shoot a large pulse which is longer and thicker than the aiming laser. It will not fire another burst before the last one reaches its destination.

The Mana Spreader can be turned on and off with a redstone signal, while the Pulse Mana Spreader just sends one burst per redstone pulse.