Mana Lens: Flare

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Mana Lens: Flare

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The Mana Lens: Flare is an item added by Botania. When put on a Mana Spreader it won't fire any Mana bursts, instead creating a continuous particle burst matching the color of the lens for no Mana cost. It has no effect on Mana Prisms, and cannot be put on a Mana Blaster.

Composite lenses made with the Flare lens as the secondary one will not have this effect. This lens cannot be combined with the Tripwire lens.

Combining the lens in a crafting grid with any of the 16 colors of floral dye will dye the lens that color.

Combining the lens in a crafting grid with a mana pearl will create a rainbow dye effect.

The flare will pass through blocks, meaning you can cover up the Mana Spreader whilst benefiting from the aesthetic effect.