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Mana Blaster


The Mana Blaster is an item added by Botania. It is a portable Mana Spreader that the player can fire to shoot Mana bursts using Mana from a Mana Tablet in the player's inventory. Compared to a Mana Spreader, Mana bursts fired by the blaster are 5 times faster, but hold 25% less Mana. When the Blaster is fired, the player will be affected by recoil proportional to the burst's velocity.

Mana Lenses can be used with the Blaster to provide it with their effects. To apply them, craft the blaster and the lens together. Lenses are removed by putting the blaster in the crafting grid by itself. The Tripwire and Flare Lenses cannot be applied. The Blaster can only hold a single lens. Applying a Lens Clip will allow the blaster to store 5 more - the active lens is changed by shift-right clicking with the blaster.

The Mana Blaster has a 1.5 second cooldown time before it can be shot again, shown by the durability bar. The cooldown is decreased by 8 ticks for every level of the Haste status effect.


Applying a Mana Lens