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This page is about the Mana from Botania. For other uses, see Mana.

Mana is the energy system in Botania. It is used to power a wide variety of magical blocks and items in Botania in order to progress through the mod. It is notably different from other energy systems such as Redstone Flux, in that it uses no pipes in transport and no hard numbers in its displays. These were deliberate design decisions, as Vazkii wanted to make a mod that was centered around in-world interactions and not number-crunching.

Mana is created primarily by Generating Flora (flowers), each of which has a unique way of generating Mana. Mana is stored in Mana Pools and transported by Mana Spreaders. The Wand of the Forest can be used to see how much Mana is present in a Pool. Mana is consumed by Functional Flora, which automatically drain Mana from a nearby Pool, and by certain magical blocks, which must be powered either by a Mana Spreader or a network of Sparks.

Mana is not intended to be directly converted to or from other forms of energy, however the Mana Fluxfield can convert Mana into Redstone Flux, and certain other mods may add other conversion systems.