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This page is about Mana from Ars Magica 2. For other uses, see Mana.
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Ars Magica 2 Information
Mana is your magical energy level. You gain more mana by increasing your Magic Level. Mana regenerates over time, but you can gain boosts to regeneration by eating a Mana Cake or standing near an Obelisk, Celestial Prism, or Black Aurem with more than 10% charge. Mana Potions and Mana Potions Bundles can be used to give a instant boost to mana. Mana is represented by a blue bar on your HUD. You can use /amuicfg to toggle an option to show the actual numeric values of your mana.

Mana is the energy used to cast spells from Ars Magica 2. It is displayed as the blue bar, called the Mana bar, on the lower right corner of the screen. By default the exact value of the player's current Mana is hidden, though this can be changed by entering the command /amuicfg and enabling Numeric in the Options tab. The Mana bar can be moved around in the amucfg window.

Every spell has a Mana cost, and the cost will be subtracted from the player's Mana pool before it can be cast. For example, a Projectile-Light spell will deduct 62.5 Mana before a "ball of light" is summoned to light up the targeted location. If the player's Mana pool is unable to meet the Mana cost of the spell it will not activate and the Mana bar will glow purple to inform the player of the spell has failed. Mana cost increases proportionally to the player's Burnout meter.

Mana expansion

A player's Mana pool is small at first, but as their Magic Level increases their Mana pool will expand, as well as their Burnout, allowing them to cast more powerful spells.

At a Magic Level of 1, the player's Mana pool is 500 Mana.

At a Magic Level of 10, the player's Mana pool increases to 771 Mana.

At a Magic Level of 40, the player's Mana pool increases to 9188 Mana.

At a Magic Level of 99(Max), the player's Mana pool increases to 84,228 Mana.


Depleted Mana will regenerate slowly over time. Obtaining the Mana Regen Boost talent will increase the regeneration speed, and drinking Mana Potions will instantly restore a certain amount of the depleted Mana.

Additionally, standing next to an Obelisk, Celestial Prism, and/or Black Aurem will temporary raise the regeneration speed for 14 seconds. Eating a Mana Cake will temporary increase the speed for 29 seconds.