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Make Clay Valuable Again
Current developersSatanicSanta
Supported Minecraft versions1.11.2
IRC channel#SatanicSantaconnect
Mod IDmakeclayvaluableagain

Make Clay Valuable Again is a joke mod created by SatanicSanta. It is based on the joke within the modded Minecraft community regarding slowpoke101's comment on the balance of clay[1].

Vanilla's stone tools are not obtainable via normal crafting with this mod installed. The mod's clay tools act as a replacement, which are gated behind killing Wither Skeletons and/or Vanilla's bosses. Clay balls do not drop from blocks unless harvested by a Clay Shovel or Clay Pickaxe.

It prolongs the process to obtain clay. Skeletons that are killed by players will be immediately reincarnated as Wither Skeletons. Killing a Skeleton will also immediately destroy the attacker's currently held item in their main hand, which intends to increase the difficulty of fighting the Wither Skeleton. Wither Skeletons have a 10% chance to drop a single clay ball. Alternatively, Withers and Ender Dragons always drop a single clay ball.

Its name is a reference to Make America Great Again, a slogan used by presidents of the United States Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.

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