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Maintenance Hatch

ModGregTech 5
TypeSolid block
Tooltip textFor maintaining Multiblock
Cannot be shared between Multiblocks!

The Maintenance Hatch is where maintenance is performed on GregTech 5 Multiblock Machines.

After constructing a new Multiblock, all maintenance must be done. While a Multiblock is running, new maintenance problems can appear. On average, one new problem arises every 48-72 hours. New problems are randomly selected. Problems are listed in the GUI of the Multiblock's Controller Block.

Maintenance is done by using tools in the Maintenance Hatch. To use a tool in maintenance, move it up to the single inventory slot in the Hatch's GUI, left click once, and return the tool to your inventory. One use (usually 100 points durability on a meta-tool) will be deducted from the tool. The Maintenance Hatch will not accept interaction from fake players; all maintenance must be done by the player themselves.

Possible Problems Tool to Fix
"Pipe is loose." Wrench
"Screws are missing." Screwdriver
"Something is stuck." Soft Hammer
"Platings are dented." Hammer
"Circuitry burned out." Soldering Iron *
"That doesn't belong there." Crowbar

*Added in GregTech 5 Unofficial.

Needs Lead, Tin, or Soldering Alloy in Rods or in Fine Wires in order to fix the circuitry.

Alternatively, all problems can be fixed together by using an item of BrainTech Aerospace Advanced Reinforced Duct Tape FAL-84

GregTech Multiblock Machines can operate without having fixed all problems, however every active problem decreases the machine's energy efficiency by 10%. At least one problem must have been fixed for a machine to be activated.

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