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Magnetostatic Engine


The Magnetostatic Engine is a machine added by RotaryCraft. It is used to generate RotarCraft's shaft power from Redstone Flux (RF). The engine can generate between 8W and 67MW. The power output can be adjusted in GUI in steps of x2 each. To achieve its maximum output of 67MW, the Magnetostatic Engine requires Upgrades to be installed. At higher ouput settings it will explode if not supplied with coolant in the form of Liquid Nitrogen and Lubricant.



The Magnetostatic Engine uses RF to generate RotaryCraft Power (Watts). To use it, simply connect an RF source and a shaft or similar device. Without upgrades, the engine will only produce 2.048 kW, however at Tier 5 it can generate up to 67 MW. Apply upgrades by holding them in hand and then right-click the Engine. When using higher Tier upgrades, the engine may overheat and explode without coolant.

Coolant and Risk of Explosion

A Magnetostatic Engine producing a high amount of power will slowly heat up and explode if it reaches a temperature of more than 500° C. To counteract this, it is advised to always use Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) as coolant from Tier 3 onward. The Magnetostatic Engine has an internal Tank that can hold 24 buckets of Liquid Nitrogen. LN2 can be produced in a Refrigeration Unit and piped around either in RotaryCraft's Liquid Pipe or any other liquid piping system.


RF must be input from the back. A shaft or other RotaryCraft machine can be connected to the front. Coolant can be inserted from the bottom, top and sides.


Upgrade Tier Torque Max Speed Max Power Requires coolant Max RF consumed
Tier 0 (No upgrades) 8 Nm 256 rad/s 2.048 kW No 4 RF/tick
Tier 1 (Redstone Cooling Upgrade) 32 Nm 512 rad/s 16.384 kW No 38 RF/tick
Tier 2 (Magnetic Coil Upgrade) 128 Nm 1024 rad/s 131.072 kW Yes 341 RF/tick
Tier 3 (Flux Conductance Upgrade) 512 Nm 2048 rad/s 1.049 MW Yes 3055 RF/tick
Tier 4 (Thermal Stability Upgrade) 2048 Nm 4096 rad/s 8.389 MW Yes 27813 RF/tick
Tier 5 (Torsion Resistance Upgrade) 8192 Nm 8192 rad/s 67.109 MW Yes 258111 RF/tick

The Resonance Stability Upgrade can be used to substantially decrease the amount of RF/t this engine requires.