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This page is about the Magmatic Dynamo added by Thermal Expansion 3. For other uses, see Magmatic Dynamo.
Magmatic Dynamo

Mod Thermal Expansion 3
Solid {{{solid}}}
Other forms
Energy Production
MJ output {{{mjoutput}}} MJ/t
MJ buffer {{{mjbuffer}}} MJ
EU output {{{euoutput}}} EU/t
EU buffer {{{eubuffer}}} EU
{{{1outputtitle}}} {{{1output}}} EU/t
{{{1buffertitle}}} {{{1buffer}}} EU
Output 0.4MJ/t~4.0MJ/t
Buffer 4000MJ
Explosive No
Locks down? Yes

The Magmatic Dynamo is an engine that runs on lava. If the amount of energy it outputs is more than the amount used by the network it will power down until it locks up and requires being hit with a Crescent Hammer to restart.


The Magmatic Dynamo is crafted with three Invar Ingots, one Redstone Transmission Coil, two Invar Gears, and one Piston.