Magician's Blood Orb

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Magician's Blood Orb

ModBlood Magic
Tooltip textStores raw Life Essence
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The Magician's Blood Orb is the third level of blood orbs within Blood Magic. This tier of blood orb allows the owner to store up to 150,000 LP in their network. The Magician's Blood Orb is used in the creation of various objects, such as the Rune of Augmented Capacity, Rune of Dislocation, Master Ritual Stone, Sigil of Elemental Affinity, Sigil of Holding, Soul Armour Forge, Sigil of the Phantom Bridge, Sigil of Magnetism, and the Sigil of the Blood Lamp.



FTB Infinity Evolved

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The Magician's Blood Orb is created by placing a single Thaumium Block into a tier 3 Blood Altar along with 25,000 LP.