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Magical Boomerang

ModExtra Utilities 2
Damage4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg)

The Magical Boomerang is a weapon added by Extra Utilities 2. It functions both as a tool and as a ranged weapon.

When held in the player's hand, right-clicking will throw the Boomerang. It travels in a straight line from the player until it either reaches its maximum range or hits an object or entity. It will then automatically return to the player, passing through walls if necessary. The boomerang picks up any loose items in its path and brings them back to the player.

When the boomerang strikes a mob or player, it deals 4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg) damage to it. Its effect as a weapon can be modified by both enchantments and potions.

By default, the boomerang has no durability and will not break with use.

Applying Potions

When a boomerang is placed in a crafting interface with any lingering potion, it acquires the effect of this potion and applies it to any living creature that it strikes. The duration of the effect will be half that of the original potion.

When given a potion effect, the boomerang gains a durability bar which decreases with use. When the durability bar is exhausted, the potion effect is removed and will need to be re-applied.


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