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Magic Level
ModArs Magica 2

Magic Level is a measurement of the player's strength as a mage in Ars Magica 2 (AM2). It is displayed as a numeric value between the player's health and hunger bar and is visible by default, thought it can be hidden by using the command /amuicfg and changing the value of "Minimal HUD" to No. Keep in mind that doing so will also hide the Affinity meter and Mana and Burnout bars. These, including AM2's XP bar and Magic Level icon, can be moved around in the amucfg window.

The player's Mana and Burnout pool is determined by their Magic Level; a higher level results in a greater pool allowing for more spell casting in potency and quantity. Additionally, if the player possesses the Mage Posse talent and a high enough Magic Level, Light Mages will agree to become their partner and will aid them during battle and lending out extra Mana for them to used.

Increasing Magic Level

Obtaining the Arcane Compendium will allow the player to reach a Magic Level of 1. To reach level 2 and beyond, experience will need to be gain by successfully casting spells. A spell is successful when one or more of its component(s) is properly used. For example, a projectile spell with the component Blind will only grant experience if it was able to apply the blindness effect to its target, but if it also contains the Dig component if it is cast into the ground experience will still be granted as Dig was successfully activated.

The remaining experience needed for the next level can be seen in AM2's XP bar located above the Magic Level icon. It is hidden by default but can be revealed when the player gains experience from spell casting or using the command /amuicfg and changing the value of "XP Always Visible" to Yes. The XP bar can be moved around in the amucfg window.