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This page is about the Magic Energy Converter added by GregTech 4. For other uses, see Magic Energy Converter.
Magic Energy Converter

ModGregTech 4

The Magic Energy Converter is an EU generator added by GregTech 4, which is used to convert magic items into EU. It outputs 24 EU/t and the total amount depends on the type of fuel used. This machine is compatible with Thaumcraft. All Thaumcraft shards will produce a dull shard when it's energy is extracted


With Thaumcraft:


Item EU Production

Magic Tallow
2,000 EU

3,000 EU

Essentia Ignis
8,000 EU

Mercury Cell
8,000 EU

8,000 EU

Air Shard
16,000 EU

Earth Shard
16,000 EU

Water Shard
16,000 EU

Essentia Potentia
16,000 EU

Eye of Ender
20,000 EU

Vis Shard
24,000 EU

Fire Shard
32,000 EU

Nether Star
10,000,000 EU

10,000,000 EU