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This page is about the Magic Energy Absorber added by GregTech 4. For other uses, see Magic Energy Absorber.
Magic Energy Absorber

ModGregTech 4
Max EU output128 EU/t

The Magic Energy Absorber is an EU generator added by GregTech 4. It can convert enchantments into EU, and can extract energy from nearby End Crystals. When Thaumcraft 3 is installed, it can convert Vis into EU, producing Flux as byproduct.




When set to convert Vis into EU, the Magic Energy Absorber will drain the aura with 1 Vis every 5 seconds, generating 128 EU/t. Though a large pure node or a few Crystal Clusters can negate this effect.

End Crystal

When set to convert power fron an End Crystal, the Magic Energy Absorber will generate 32 EU/t. This can't be increased by placing more End Crystals, and each crystal can only power one Magic Energy Absorber.


The magic energy Absorber can convert the enchantments from tools into EU. The amount of EU produced depends on the type enchantments, enchantments levels, and pure luck.