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Mage Posse

ModArs Magica 2

Mage Posse is a Talent from Ars Magica 2 that grants the player the ability to befriend Light Mages. Depending on its tier, the befriended Light Mage will offer assistance in and outside of battle.


Mage Posse can be found in the Occulus's Talent tab. It have two tiers, each requiring a different Skill Point to be unlocked.

  • Mage Posse I: The Light Mage will defend and protect the player in battle. Unlocked by using a green Skill Point.
  • Mage Posse II: The Light Mage will use the Mana Link spell to grant the player an increased Mana pool. Unlocked by using a red Skill Point.


There are two conditions that a player must pass before they are able to befriend a Light Mage.

  • A player's summon cap (the amount of mobs that a player can summon via a Summon spell) must have a free space. If this condition is not met then the Light Mage will say "looks like your party is already full".
  • A player's Magic Level must be high enough. If this condition is not met then the Light Mage will say "You need to become more powerful before I will follow you".