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This page is about the Meta-Tools added by GregTech 6. For other uses, see Meta-Tools.

GregTech 6 like many mods, adds several tools for mining or block manipulation. In particular, most GregTech 6 machines can only be rotated horizontally, and have input and output, both internally automatic, and externally automate-able, of both items and fluids, only on certain sides, relative to the front.

Rotation and Connection

If CodeChickenLib is installed, pointing the crosshair at a rotatable or connectable GregTech block while holding a tool applicable to that block will show a grid similar to the one below. In addition, if the block is connectable some of the sections will have 'X'es over them if the block is connecting in that direction.


The machine face is divided into nine sections. Each section represents a different side of the machine:


Each section may be right-clicked to move the output to a given face of the machine:

  • Section 5 (the center) will use the tool on the side that is clicked on.
  • Sections 1,3,7,9 (the corners) will use the tool on the side opposite the one that is clicked.
  • Sections 2,4,6,8 (the sides) will use the tool on the side corresponding to the direction indicated by the section.
    For example, when pointing at the front of the machine and right clicking on Section 2, the tool will be used on the block's top face.