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ModIndustrialCraft 2
TypeSolid block
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The MV-Transformer is a block added by IndustrialCraft 2 used to convert High Voltage (HV) to Medium Voltage (MV), and back.

It transforms 512EU/t to 128EU/t.



Note that when using any Transformer, the 3-dotted side means higher voltage and the 1-dotted sides mean lower voltage. You can change the direction the 3-dotted side is facing by right-clicking a 1-dotted face with a Wrench.

To convert HV to MV place the input cable (HV) next to the 3-dotted side. They should connect, and run your output cable (MV) next to any 1-dotted side connecting to your machines, or energy storage units.

To convert MV to HV you must apply a redstone signal to the transformer or change the setting in the GUI, and place the input cables next to any 1-dotted side, and the output cable next to the 3-dotted side.