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MFE Cart

TypeTile entity
Required modulesIC2
Max EU input512 or 128 EU/t
EU storage4,000,000 or 600,000 EU
Max EU output512 or 128 EU/t

The MFE Cart is a special type of minecart added by Railcraft. This minecart is used for storing and transporting IndustrialCraft 2 Energy Units via rail. The GUI is the same as the MFE, only it does not have the Armor section, so to charge armor pieces they will need to be un-equipped before opening the cart.

The MFE Cart has the same energy values as the MFE. If IndustrialCraft 2 Classic is installed, it transfers EU at a rate of 128 EU/tick, and can store 600,000. If IndustrialCraft 2 is installed, it transfers at 512 EU/tick, and can store 4,000,000 EU.