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This page is about the ME Storage Monitor added by Applied Energistics. For other uses, see ME Storage Monitor.
ME Storage Monitor

ModApplied Energistics
TypeTile entity

The ME Storage Monitor is a tile entity added by Applied Energistics. It displays how much of an arbitrarily item is stored in an ME Network. For example, if the ME Storage Monitor is set to display how much Cobblestone is in a network containing 10,000 Cobblestone, the Monitor will display an image of Cobblestone above the number 10,000. The number will change concurrently with the chosen item's count in the network.


To set the item to display, right-click on the Monitor while holding the item.

The ME Storage Monitor can be locked to only display the item it is currently set to by shift right-clicking the Monitor with an empty hand. Attempting to change the display item by right-clicking when locked will fail. Shift right-clicking a locked Monitor will unlock it.

The ME Storage Monitor can be used to pull items out of an ME Network, provided that it remains locked. Shift right-click the Monitor with a Conversion Matrix. To pull out a stack of items, right-click the monitor. To add the currently held item to the network, shift right-click the monitor. Note: Even if the monitor is locked, any item can be added to the network through it. For example, if the monitor is set to display Iron Ingots, Cobblestone can be added to the network through it.

Automatic transport systems such as Buildcraft pipes or Thaumcraft 3 golems will not interact with the Storage Monitor. Turtles cannot pull items from the Monitor, but they can place items into it.