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This page is about the ME Storage Bus from Applied Energistics. For other uses, see ME Storage Bus.
ME Storage Bus

ModApplied Energistics
TypeSolid block

The ME Storage Bus is a block added by Applied Energistics. It allows non-Applied Energistics inventories to be accessed by an ME Network. This makes it possible to interact with vanilla Chests, Iron Chests, Storage Drawers, and many other generic inventories. The ME Storage Bus is bi-directional and is able to both extract and insert items into the attached inventory.

A storage bus will interact with:

The internal buffer of the ME Storage Bus can be configured in two ways: based on the current contents of the attached inventory or via the ME Partition Editor.

Setting the bus based on the current inventory contents is done by right clicking the bus, and clicking the "wrench" icon. The storage bus will then only export those items into the attached inventory.

ME Fuzzy Bus

The ME Fuzzy Storage Bus is the fuzzy version of the ME Storage Bus. That is, it will operate like any other fuzzy bus, ignoring NBT data and damage level.


Crafting Notes
ME Storage Bus
ME Fuzzy Storage Bus