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ME Quantum Network Bridge
ModApplied Energistics
TypeMultiblock structure

The ME Quantum Network Bridge device is a multiblock unit capable of connecting distant ME networks together. Creating this device is extremely expensive due to it requiring a Quantum Link Chamber in the center, and eight Quantum Field Rings around it. This device also requires a large amount of power to operate. Connectivity will vanish with the power and networks will reset. If the device is functioning properly, lights on the unit will turn on and glow. It consumes 200 of AE's own power unit to operate per Bridge, 40 MJ/t, 100 EU/t, 400 RF/t, or 4 KJ/t. This power requirement is for each side of the Quantum Network, however power is only drawn from the side with an ME Controller, unless no Controller is present. To establish a link between these bridges, a Quantum Entangled Singularity must be used on each side of a connection. These Singularities must be of the same pair in order to function properly. Each bridge may only make one connection.


Create the devices mentioned above, And place them in this formation: