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This page is about the ME Level Emitter added by Applied Energistics. For other uses, see ME Level Emitter.
ME Level Emitter

ModApplied Energistics
TypeSolid block

The ME Redstone Emitter is a block added by Applied Energistics. It detects the number of items in an ME Network and emits a redstone signal when levels are above or below that amount. This opens up extensive automation, such as automatic crafting to maintain a certain number of items.

The output direction can be changed by using a wrench.

The Emitter can be configured by right-clicking. Any item to monitor is placed in the inventory slot, and then levels set using the GUI buttons.

RedPower Note

The ME Level Emitter will only connect reliably to Red Alloy Wire horizontally, not above or below.

Activation Modes

  • caption=No Signal Below: Will emit a redstone signal when item levels are below the configured amount
  • caption=Signal Above: Will emit a redstone signal when item levels are above the configured amount