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This page is about the ME Import Bus from Applied Energistics. For other uses, see ME Import Bus.
ME Import Bus

ModApplied Energistics
TypeSolid block

The ME Import Bus is a block that imports items from an attached inventory to an ME Network. There are three forms of ME Import Buses: Basic Import Bus, Precision Import Bus, and Fuzzy Import Bus.

ME Basic Import Bus

The Basic Import Bus can import a single item every 5 ticks. This bus cannot take a configuration, so will import any item in the attached inventory.

ME Precision Import Bus

The Precision Import Bus is a more advanced version of the Basic import Bus. Unlike the basic import bus, the precision bus has an inventory for 8 different items. The precision bus has different activation modes and can import single items or whole stacks every 5 ticks.

The Precision Import Bus will import items exactly like the items in its inventory. That means with the same item ID and damage level. For example, if a new diamond pick (#278) is set to output, the bus will only import new diamond picks (#278), not ones with damage (e.g. #278:3).

ME Fuzzy Import Bus

The Fuzzy Import Bus is similar to the precision import bus, except it ignores NBT data, uses the ore dictionary, and treats any damage level as the same. For example, if the fuzzy import bus is configured to import damaged diamond picks (e.g. #278:100), it will also import barely damaged diamond picks (e.g. #278:2) and extremely damaged diamond picks (e.g. #278:200).

Activation Modes

  • caption=No Signal No Signal: Will export when not receiving a redstone signal
  • caption=Signal Signal: Will export when receiving a redstone signal
  • caption=Pulse Pulse: Will export on each redstone pulse
  • caption=No Redstone No Redstone: Will always export, regardless of redstone state

Import Options

  • caption=Single Item Single Item: Exports a single item per cycle
  • caption=Stack Stack: Exports a stack per cycle


Crafting Notes
Basic Import Bus
ME Precision Import Bus
ME Fuzzy Import Bus