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This page is about the ME Drive from Applied Energistics 2. For other uses, see ME Drive.
ME Drive
ME Drive.png

ModApplied Energistics 2

ME Drives are a device in Applied Energistics 2 which allow users to store up to 10 ME Storage Cells as opposed to a single cell that can be placed in a ME Chest.

Unlike the ME Chest, the items that are stored inside the storage cells cannot be directly accessed; instead the drive must be connected to a ME Network which allows the contents to be accessed via a ME Terminal or a ME Crafting Terminal connected to the same ME Network.

The status of the ME Storage cells located inside the device are able to quickly identified through the colouring of the correlating slots located on the front face of the block.

  • Red — Indicates that the storage cell in that slot is completely full, thus preventing it from storing any more items or types.
  • Orange — Indicates that the storage cell in that slot has used all 63 available types, thus allowing it to only store larger quantities of the items already stored within the cell.
  • Green — Indicates that the storage cell in that slot is still able to store both more items and more types.
  • Black — Indicates that the drive cannot connect to the ME network due to insufficient power or the lack of a channel.
  • Blank — Indicates that the correlating slot within the drive currently does not contain a storage cell.


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