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This page is about the ME Drive from Applied Energistics. For other uses, see ME Drive.
ME Drive

ModApplied Energistics
TypeSolid block

The ME Drive holds Storage Cells, allowing an ME Network to store items as data. Up to 10 cells can be held by each ME Drive, and cell types can be mixed and matched (i.e. ME 1k Storage and ME 64k Storage or formatted and non-formatted Storage Cells).

An ME Drive must be connected to an ME Network and must have sufficient power to make the items stored in it accessible.

Status Lights

Each cell stored in the ME Drive activates a display light on the front of the drive. Different light colors provide different information.

  • Green: Room for both items and types in the storage cell
  • Orange: Room for items, but no more room for types (i.e. more of the same items can be added, but no new types of items. A pre-formatted storage cell will display this color even if it is empty)
  • Red: No room for anything in the storage cell
  • No lights: No power to drive
  • Blank: Empty slot (i.e. a storage cell can be placed in the drive)