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ME Controller

ModApplied Energistics
TypeSolid block

The ME Controller is a block added by Applied Energistics and is the heart of ME Networks. The ME Controller's texture will change to display the stored energy level for network use. When right clicked, the Controller's GUI will display the state of the controller, the total energy stored, the energy draw of the network, and the devices connected to the ME Controller in the center (Note: Devices do not need a direct connection to the Controller so long as they are connected to a network). On the left side, the player is able to change which type of energy is displayed, ranging from RotaryCraft Watts, to BuildCraft MJ, and even Applied Energistic's own AE. The energy types that can be displayed are the energy types that the controller will accept. The right side of the GUI provides a single charging slot for a ME Wireless Access Terminal.