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ME Condenser

ModApplied Energistics

The ME Condenser is a machine that works as a trashcan to destroy items or blocks. In addition it is used to create either Matter Balls or Singularities. The latter is used to connect AE networks over a distance.

The GUI consists of four slots. The two on the left are used to insert items which should be destroyed. One is for manually inserting items and the other for inserting the content of a disk (e. g. ME 1k Storage). This can be automated by either using a Export Bus or using BuildCraft pipes.

The one on the bottom left and on the right are used to decide if items are to be trashed or are to be processed into either Matter Balls or Singularities. A Storage Cell (1024 bytes) is required for Matter Balls and a Storage Cluster (64k) is required for a Singularity. The progress until either is created is shown by the progress bar, which is next to the right most slot.

Finished items can be manually pulled from the inventory or by anything that is capable to extract from inventories, such as an Import Bus or a BuildCraft pipe.