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This page is about the ME Chest from Applied Energistics 2. For other uses, see ME Chest.
ME Chest
ME Chest.png

ModApplied Energistics 2
TypeTile entity

The ME Chest is a tile entity added by Applied Energistics 2. ME Chests function by accessing a ME Storage Cell supplied to it via a single slot located in the GUI that appears if the top of the chest is right-clicked. The inventory of the cell (stored as data) can then be accessed by right-clicking the chest on any of the other sides of the block if the device is powered.



The ME Chest requires power to access the contents of a supplied ME Storage Cell. This can be accessed by one of two ways.


The ME Chest can be used as a standalone storage device by supplying power (such as EU, MJ, or RF) directly to the block. This will allow the internal inventory of a supplied ME Storage Cell to be accessed via the GUI, and subsequently items can be injected into the block to store them; however, items cannot be extracted via conventional methods.

ME Networked

The other method to utilize a ME Chest is to connect it to an existing ME Network. It will draw 1 AE/t when it is attached to an ME Network, and subsequently the inventory of the supplied ME Storage Cell will be accessible to other devices attached to the same channel of the ME Network.

Compatible Storage Cells

The ME Chest requires ME Storage Cells to function. Compatible cells added by Applied Energistics 2 include the 1k ME Storage Cell, 4k ME Storage Cell, 16k ME Storage Cell and 64k ME Storage Cell. If ExtraCells is installed, the ME 256k Storage Cell, ME 1024k Storage Cell, ME 4096k Storage Cell, and ME 16384k Storage Cell may also be used.