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This page is about the ME Chest from Applied Energistics. For other uses, see ME Chest.
ME Chest

ModApplied Energistics
TypeTile entity
Storage63 slots
-requires a storage cell-

The ME Chest is a storage device added by Applied Energistics. To use the ME Chest a connection to an active network (either a direct connection to the ME Controller or to another part of the network) must be made and a storage cell of any size must be placed into the top right slot. Once a storage cell has been inserted, the interface will light up, allowing for items to be stored. The chest's top texture will change depending on the state of the cell. When it renders as green, there is both space and types available on the inserted cell. Once it turns yellow, all available types have been used on the cell. Finally, rendering as red indicates that the storage cell has no more storage available on it.