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ME Annihilation Plane

ModApplied Energistics 2
TypeTransparent block

The ME Annihilation Plane is a transparent block added by Applied Energistics 2. It destroys blocks (as if mined with an appropriate tool) and inserts their drops, as well as other item entities, into an ME Network.

The ME Annihilation Plane can be attached to any thin ME Cable (ME Glass Cable, ME Covered Cable, or ME Smart Cable) so that it faces the space adjacent to the cable. Blocks and item entities that come into contact with the working face of the Plane are annihilated and sent into the ME system.

The ME Annihilation Plane requires a channel and only works if it has somewhere on its network to send items, such as an ME Chest or ME Drive. It will not annihilate items which could only be sent into other containers or networks through an ME Export Bus or ME Storage Bus, the destination must be on its own network. Unlike the ME Formation Plane, the ME Annihilation Plane has no inherent ability to filter items (in fact, it has no user interface at all), but if it has destinations for some items and not others (for example, if ME Storage Cells have been partitioned to accept only certain items) then only those items with valid destinations will be annihilated.