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TypeTile entity
Blast resistance0

The Luminizer is a tile entity added by Botania. It is used to transport players and mobs between points. It can be bound to other Luminizers in a 20 block radius.

Each Luminizer can target only one other luminizer, though multiple Luminizers can be linked to one target. To set the target, shift right-click the first Luminizer with the Wand of the Forest in Bind Mode, then shift right-click the target Luminizer.

When right-clicked, the Luminizer will pick up the player and move them towards the targeted Luminizer. Upon reaching the target Luminizer, the passenger will be sent towards that Luminizer's target, or dropped if it does not have one.

While players can just right-click to ride the Luminizers, other entities must be launched with a Luminizer Launcher.


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