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This page is about the Lubricant added by RotaryCraft. For other uses, see Lubricant.


Lubricant is a RotaryCraft fluid. It is extracted from Canola Seeds via the Grinder and Canola Seed Husks via the Centrifuge. It is consumed by Stone and Steel Gearboxes and Hydrokinetic Engines, and is required to use Diamond Gearboxes and a CVT Unit but is not consumed by them.

Lubricant cannot be transported via standard Liquid Pipes; it must be transported in Lubricant Hoses. It can also be transferred by other mods' fluid pipes.

Each item of Canola Seeds produces between 64 and 160 mB Lubricant in a Grinder.

The amount of Lubricant produced from grinding Canola Seeds is dependent upon the configuration option I:"Difficulty Control". I:"Difficulty Control" defaults to 2. If I:"Difficulty Control"=1, Lubricant production per Canola Seeds is increased to 128-280 mB. If I:"Difficulty Control"=3, Lubricant production is reduced to 8-64 mB.

Each item of Canola Seed Husks produces 90 mB Lubricant in a Centrifuge.