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This page is about a Bedrock Edition feature.

Lot's More Food
Modicon Lot's More Food.png
Current developersLegopitstop
TypeB.E.: Addon (Behavior Pack and Resource Pack)
D.E. Datapack and Resource Pack
F.E. Mod
VersionB.E.: 1.1.5
D.E.: 3.1
F.E.: 1.2.0
Supported Minecraft versionsB.E.: 1.16.100
D.E. & F.E.: 1.16.4
Mod loaderF.E.: Forge
Depends onD.E.: MorePlants
Mod IDmorefood
Mod UUIDResource Pack: 4e098d16-f6b4-11e9-802a-5aa538984bd8
Behavior Pack: ee649bcf-256c-4013-9068-6a802b89d756
More Food!
Pack by: Legopitstop
mod description

Lot's More Food (or More Food Addon in Bedrock Edition) is a mod by Legopitstop that adds many types of food, crops, saplings, bushes, knives and other food-related items.


This mod can be installed on Java Edition (as a Forge mod or as a datapack) and on Bedrock edition (as an addon).

Bedrock Edition

More Food Addon is this mod's port into the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. Exclusive features include:

  • The Minecraft logo has a "Lot's More Food" underneath it
  • All items have a " (#morefood)" attached to it
  • Generated structures, trees, and plants all across the world as MorePlants is built-in to the mod
  • Simplified Chinese language support

Datapack Edition

This is the mod's port into the Java Edition using a datapack and a resource pack. Both must be installed in a world for the mod to work. Exclusive features include:

  • A unique crafting system involving the Food Crafting Table
  • A separate mod (MorePlants) is needed to be installed in order to obtain the mod's items in Survival Mode


Because the mod's items are inaccessible in the creative inventory, the player needs to execute commands in order to obtain them.

Forge Edition

This is the mod's port into the Java Edition using Minecraft Forge as a modloader. Exclusive features include:

  • LOLCAT language support
  • Foods are unobtainable in Survival Mode

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