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Tooltip textHold it up above your head

The Loonium is one of the functional flora added by Botania. The Loonium will, when supplied with an extreme amount of Mana, spawn monsters stronger than usual. When killed these monsters will drop items normally found in dungeon chests. However, some items, like records, Black Lotus and Overgrowth Seeds cannot be obtained this way.

Looniums are not found naturally and must be planted by a player.


FTB Infinity Evolved

Main article: FTB Infinity Evolved

In FTB Infinity Evolved, the Loonium is disabled.


Version history
R1.0 41Added Loonium.
R1.3 149Moved Loonium to elven knowledge.
R1.6 177Lexica Botania, Black Lotus, Overgrowth Seed and all records added to Loonium blacklist.
R1.8 238Recipe adjusted to accommodate for removal of Mana Petals.
R1.9 334Loonium now spawns monsters dropping dungeon loot instead of spawning it outright.


The tooltip is most likely a reference to The Legend of Zelda where the protagonist Link raises an item above his head when he finds one in a chest.