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Looking Glass

ModAstral Sorcery

The Looking Glass is an item added by Astral Sorcery. It is used to discover bright Constellations, provided the appropriate Constellation Papers have been acquired. Right-clicking while outdoors during nighttime displays a view of the night sky's stars, among which the stars of constellations stand out. Holding shift will lock the angle, allowing the player to draw lines connecting the dots. Once a constellation has been traced, it turns blue and becomes visible in the night sky, and its entry in the Astral Tome gains more information.


Astral Tome Entry

Despite the night sky constantly shifting all the time, certain recurring patterns and shapes appear on a regular basis. Many of these shapes bear a close resemblance to the patterns on the Constellation Papers found in ruined shrines.

While no one is yet sure of their importance, the shapes of such Constellations were important enough for observers of old to carefully mark them in great detail. It might be prudent for a scholar to also mark and familiarize themselves with these patterns in the sky.

The Looking Glass, despite being a rather rudimentary device, goes a long way towards the process of investigating the night sky.

In order to locate and trace Constellations, a clear view of the night sky is absolutely necessary. Also, a proper Constellation must have been discovered from the Constellation Papers.

Once a possible pattern is found, the view angle of the telescope can be fixed by sneaking. The pattern of stars can then be traced by using left-click to carefully draw lines between the stars.
Astral Tome