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Logistics Fluid Supplier

ModLogistics Pipes
TypeTransparent block

The Logistics Fluid Supplier is a block added by Logistics Pipes. It is an active supplier pipe for fluids. It will request fluid from Fluid Providers to fill adjacent fluid inventories.



Place the Fluid Supplier next to the fluid inventory (or inventories) to be filled. Right click on the pipe with a wrench in hand to bring up its configuration GUI. Up to 9 fluid containers (buckets) of the fluid or fluids to be supplied may be placed here. The lower right hand button in the GUI changes the request criteria, like with the Supplier Logistics Pipe. Once configured the Supplier pipe will begin to supply fluid from any available Fluid Providers on the network.

Fluid values are rounded up to the next 1,000 mB (e.g., if there are 1,333 mB of fluid in the tank, the Supplier will display 2,000 mB instead).