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Logistics Fluid Container Supplier Pipe

ModLogistics Pipes
TypeTransparent block

The Logistics Fluid Container Supplier Pipe is an active fluid routing pipe that uses fluid containers (buckets) to fill adjacent inventories added by Logistics Pipes. It does this by looking for filled containers in the network's Provider inventories (Provider Logistics Pipe or a Logistics Chassis with a Provide Module) and then emptying them into the destination inventory.

The empty buckets are then routed to an ItemSink pipe (Basic Logistics Pipe or a Chassis with an ItemSink Module) or is ejected into the world after a few moments if a valid destination could not be found.


Use a wrench on the pipe to open its GUI. You may specify up to 9 (filled) containers in the grid. If the button labeled "Partial" is set to "No," the attached inventories will only be filled when there is the same or greater number of filled containers in the provider inventories. Meaning, if there is 5 buckets set in the GUI, then the tank will only be filled if you have 5 full buckets in your provider inventories. Setting Partial to "Yes" will request filled buckets as soon as they are available.


  • This pipe is for interacting with fluid inventories only.
  • Each bucket in the Pipe's GUI corresponds with exactly 1000mB in the attached inventory. Once the inventory has and equal or greater amount of fluid in it, it will stop requesting buckets.
    • Fluid amounts are rounded up to the nearest 1000mB, so if you have 3 buckets in the GUI, and the tank has 2333mB in it, it won't request a full bucket. However if it has 1999mB or less in it, it will request a bucket.