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Logistics Fluid Basic Pipe

ModLogistics Pipes
TypeTransparent block

The Logistics Fluid Basic Pipe is a fluid pipe added by Logistics Pipes used to passively transfer fluids from the network to attached fluid inventories.

Fluid Logistics Mechanics

Unlike most other pipes and conduits which isolate fluid travel from item travel, Logistics Pipes can transport both over the same lines by using Logistics Fluid Containers. These items are uncraftable and are only used within the network.

Like with items, Fluids are either passively routed or actively routed. A Passively supplied fluid (from either Extractor or Insertion pipes) will not route to any of the active pipes (Fluid Supplier, Fluid Satellite, or Fluid Request pipes, nor will an actively supplied fluid route to a passive pipe (Fluid Basic Pipe).


First, obtain a full bucket of the fluid you wish Simply attach a Fluid Extractor or Fluid Inserter pipe to the source inventory and connect it to the rest of the network. Then, at the destination fluid inventory, attach a Basic Pipe to it. Open the Pipe's GUI and place the bucket of the fluid in it to set the pipe's requested fluid. If you are unable to obtain a full bucket of the fluid, you may click on the empty slot in the Basic Pipe's GUI to pop up a table of all the supported fluids. As soon as you leave the GUI, the network should begin to send fluid to it.


  • There is no search function within this popup, so hunting for the fluid may take some time.
  • There is also the possibility of multiple mods with fluids that have the same name, but are incompatible.
  • There is a real possibility of fluid being destroyed if there isn't an inventory connected to the Basic Pipe. It has an internal 5000mB buffer to mitigate most potential losses, but if the fluid has no where else to go it will be destroyed.