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Logistics Crafting Table

ModLogistics Pipes

The Logistics Crafting Table is a machine added by Logistics Pipes. It is used in conjunction with a Crafting Logistics Pipe to auto-craft a single programmed recipe. The Crafting Pipe takes care of the logistics by supplying the Crafting Table with components and transporting the result while the Table does the actual crafting.



Place the Logistics Crafting Table anywhere then right-click on it to open its GUI. Placing ingredients in the appropriate slots on the crafting grid will leave ghost items behind to indicate they have been programmed into its recipe. If it is a valid recipe, the result will appear in the right hand slot. If the recipe calls for a tool, like a Juicer from Pam's HarvestCraft, the tool may be left in any of the table's inventory slots at the bottom. If the tool is not in the table's inventory, it will be called in from a network inventory each time the auto-crafted item is requested.

Next, place the Crafting pipe (or a Logistics Chassis with a Crafting Module) in front of the crafting table and open its GUI with a wrench. Click the "Import" button and verify that the ingredients and product show up in the proper slots.

Now each time the product is requested by a Logistics Request Table or a Request Logistics Pipe, the item will be crafted automatically. To change the recipe to a different product, repeat the configuration process described above.


  • The Crafting Pipe should be the only pipe ever connected to the Logistics Crafting Table.
  • Pipes can connect to the crafting table on any side except the top and bottom sides.
  • The crafting table may connect to multiple pipes, but only the Crafting Pipe will be used for input and output.
    • Likewise, items cannot travel through the crafting table as if it were a pipe
    • LP power cannot bridge across the crafting table; only pipes and the Logistics Power Junction may do that.
  • Should an auto-craft be stalled for whatever reason, ingredients can be placed manually in the Crafting Table's inventory and it will craft normally, and the crafting pipe will recognize a successful operation and export the product.
    • The Crafting Table will not automatically craft items unless there is a request for the product.