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Logistics Chassis

ModLogistics Pipes
TypeTransparent block

The Logistics Chassis is a family of pipes used with modules to accomplish some behavior normally found in a specialty pipe added by Logistics Pipes. For example, if a Provider Module is installed, then the Chassis will act as if it were a Provider Logistics Pipe. If no module is installed, then the chassis will only route items through an intersection like a Basic Logistics Pipe without the ability to act as a passive item sink.

Installing and configuring modules

To install a module, simply right-click on the pipe with a wrench in hand. Then place the module in any of the slots in the GUI.

Click on the exclamation mark by the module to configure it. Information on how to configure each module is on their respective wiki page.


The Mk1 chassis may have only 1 module installed.


The Mk2 chassis may have up to 2 modules installed.


The Mk3 chassis may have up to 3 modules installed.


The Mk4 chassis may have up to 4 modules installed.


The Mk5 chassis may have up to 8 modules installed.