Lock (BetterStorage)

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This page is about the Lock added by BetterStorage. For other uses, see Lock.


The Lock is an item from BetterStorage. It is used to prevent unwanted players and creatures from accessing doors, Reinforced Chests, and Reinforced Lockers. Locks can only be opened with the Key that was used to create them, a Master Key, and Keys with the Lockpicking and/or Unlocking enchantments.

Locks can be given the Security, Persistence, Shock, and Trigger enchantments to slightly alter the functionality.

Locks have the ability to be dyed. Shapelessly crafting 8 dyes of any given color with the Lock will dye the outer layers of the lock, and dyeing with 1-7 dyes will dye the two sides of the lock. These two dyed layers can overlap, allowing the lock to have up to 2 separate colors. Dyeing it will not change its functionality; it will only change its appearance.