Livingwood Avatar

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Livingwood Avatar

TypeSolid block

The Livingwood Avatar is a block added by Botania. When provided Mana with a Mana Spreader, it can use certain rods.


Rod Function

Rod of the Lands

Rod of the Highlands
Creates Dirt on the block in front of the avatar on random intervals

Rod of the Skies
Launches nearby jumping players 35 blocks up

Rod of the Hells
Creates a flame ring around the avatar, damaging and setting any creatures inside on fire

Rod of the Bifrost
Creates a small platform under players in a 3x20 area in front of the avatar

Rod of the Plentiful Mantle
Reveals ores in a 18 block radius around the avatar

Rod of the Unstable Reservoir
Spawns homing missiles to deal damage to nearby monsters