Living Pickaxe

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Living Pickaxe

Mining level3

The Living Pickaxe is a tool added by Roots. Unlike regular pickaxes, it will heal over time; each tick, it will have a 1/80 chance to restore one durability (so there is a 22.25% chance of at least one durability point being restored every second).


The Living Pickaxe is created in a Ritual. It requires a Wooden Pickaxe, a Verdant Sprig and a Gold Ingot to be placed on the Casting Altar and two Oak Barks to be burned in the Incense Brazier.

Runic Tablet entry

Your rituals are capable of channeling life energy into previously dead objects. Using this, you can grow newer, stronger forms for your wooden tools. Adding a little gold for reinforcement, as well as a verdant sprig to grow upon, will grant you tools of similar strength to iron that repair slowly over time.
Runic Tablet

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