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Modicon Liteloader.png
Current developersMumfrey
Version1.12 snapshot build 5
Supported Minecraft versions1.12.2

LiteLoader is a mod API created by Mumfrey. It is designed for mods that change various aspects of the client, such as VoxelMenu. LiteLoader was primarily made for the Voxel Modpack Team, but is free for anyone to use. This API cannot be used by modders to add new blocks, items, mechanics, or creatures into the game; Minecraft Forge must be used for that. This is because LiteLoader is a client-side API, whereas Minecraft Forge is server-side and client-side.

A flowchart showing that Liteloader can be installed on it's own, with Forge or with Optifine

Unlike most mods, this mod has a Windows version, and a UNIX/Mac version. The installation process can be found on the Minecraft Forum thread.

Liteloader can be installed on its own or alongside Forge or Optifine. Liteloader mods are known for using the .litemod file extension instead of .jar or .zip, so only .litemod files will be loaded (if a Liteloader mod download is a .zip file the user should convert it back to a .litemod to allow it to run correctly; this does not mean users can change .zip or .jar Forge mods).

Liteloader began during 1.5.2 but development and mod support stopped around 1.12.2. Many mods known to be supported for Liteloader have since been ported to Forge, Rift and Fabric for 1.13.2 onward.

Mod List

  1. Account Manager
  2. Armors HUD Revived
  3. Autofish
  4. Better Animations Collection 2
  5. Better Clouds
  6. Bounding Box Outline Reloaded
  7. Big Chat History
  8. Biome Borders Revived
  9. Chat Bubbles
  10. Chunk Borders
  11. Craft Guide
  12. DaFlight
  13. Extra Foam For Liteloader
  14. Extended Hotbar
  15. GammaBright
  16. ItemDash
  17. LibShapedDraw
  18. Link Info
  19. Litematica
  20. Macro Keybind Mod
  21. MAtmos
  22. MineAmp
  23. MineLittlePony
  24. Mouse Tweaks
  25. Note Block Display
  26. Omniscience
  27. Pop Enchant Tags Revived
  28. Potion
  29. Colorizer
  30. Presence Footsteps
  31. Protocol4
  32. Slime Chunk Info
  33. Spawn Detector
  34. Tabby Chat 2
  35. Taciturn Mod
  36. Villager Marker Mod
  37. VoxelCam
  38. VoxelFlight
  39. VoxelGet
  40. VoxelMap
  41. VoxelMenu
  42. VoxelVision
  43. Watson
  44. World Clock
  45. World Downloader
  46. World Edit CUI
  47. World Edit Wrapper
  48. Uyjulian's X-ray Mod


  • Liteloader is the only modloader to not use .jar files as the file format for it's mods. Instead using .litemod files.

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