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Liquid Loader

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The Liquid Loader is a block added by Railcraft. It is used to deposit liquids from an adjacent container into a Tank Cart. When the cart is full or meets the requirements set in the GUI the block will emit a Redstone signal.



The Liquid Loader has to be placed above the track where the Tank Cart to load will be. Locking Tracks are very useful when combined with Item Loaders, when set to Holding or Boarding mode, because they will stop the cart when there is no Redstone signal, and will force the cart to continue when there is a Redstone signal.

Liquids can be transferred into the Loader by either placing a liquid container next to it, or by routing liquid into it using pipes or similar blocks.


In the GUI there is a Filters section, a Buffer and two buttons. Buckets with liquid in them can be placed in the Filters section to determine which liquids should be transferred into the cart. Liquid to be transferred into the cart will go into the Buffer, which can hold 16 mB, from where it will be pumped into the cart when possible. The buttons determine the way the Liquid Loader will function:

Top button:

  • All: Move as much liquid as possible (16 buckets).
  • Transfer: Move the liquid in the Filter.
  • Stock: Move liquid until the destination matches the Filter.
  • Excess: Meep the liquids in the filter and move the rest.

Bottom button:

  • Immediate: Emit Redstone if no liquids were moved.
  • Complete: Emit Redstone when the move is complete.
  • Manual: Never emit Redstone.
  • Partial: Emit Redstone if no liquids were moved and cart is not empty.
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