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Liquid Helium Cooler

TypeSolid block

The Liquid Helium Cooler is a block added by NuclearCraft. The Liquid Helium Cooler is placed inside a Fission Reactor reaction chamber and provides cooling. It is created in the Fluid Infuser by filling an Empty Cooler with Liquid Helium. Liquid Helium is created by feeding Helium into a Supercooler.

Cooler Data Post 2.9

Cooling rate: 140 H/t

Conditions: Must touch exactly one active Redstone Cooler and at least one Reactor Casing.

Cooler Data Pre 2.9

Cooling rate: 120 H/t

Conditions: Must touch at least one active Quartz Cooler and one Reactor Casing.

(To do: Add Fluid Infuser GUI recipe)